handleless kitchen doors

Handleless Kitchen Doors

Modern kitchen decor has been quite a trend and here to stay. Among these decors are the handleless kitchen doors.  Many homeowners have been upgrading and remodelling their homes to these handleless kitchen doors. And no, it’s not just because it’s trendy, it’s they are convenient, functional and stylish. 

Should You Choose a Handleless Kitchen?

Handleless doors have a lot of benefits, and they have become the go-to option since they are very easy to use. Below are other reasons we think you should go for them;

Hygienic and Easy to Clean

They are more hygienic than traditional doors—handleless doors have little spaces for dirt to hang, plus it makes cleaning easy since there are no handles or knobs.


These doors are very comfortable to use in the kitchen. You can open the doors easily with just a single push. They come handy in cases where you have your hands full and occupied.


Handleless doors are safe in the kitchen, especially for little kids. You need not worry about your kids bumping into door handles or your cloth catching on them. 


They require just a little space. With handleless doors, you can convert your small kitchen into a spacious one.


These doors are trendy, stylish. They make the kitchen look sophisticated, timeless and add to the value of your home. You don’t have to worry about your kitchen looking outdated in years to come.

What Handleless Door Should You Choose?

There are a lot of design options available when it comes to handleless doors, and it’s important to choose the most convenient style for you. The three main designs are:


In this model, a J-shaped grove is routed out of the door creating a small lip you can curl your finger and pull with ease. 

True Handleless

This model features a continuous stainless-steel rail fitted behind the door and allows you to push or pull the door from the back edge. They are quite easy to use and last long.

Tall Cabinet Doors

It has a finger-pull groove in the bottom which gives a closet-like look. You only need to hook your hands under the door and pull it open. They can also come with the push to open mechanism. You just push the push click to open or get the electric push to open option.

It’s Worth the Investment!

Handleless doors are a growing trend, and they are not going anywhere soon. They are a clutter-free design, free from the drawbacks of the traditional designs.

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