Save time and money and let Stardust provide a regular contract service to ensure your kitchen equipment is pristine and always able to meet the high demands dictated by the Health and Safety Regulations…


Was the oven sparkling clean when you moved in? Then you’ll probably find that it must be sparkling clean when you leave – a Stardust deep oven clean will ensure you get a swift kick in the ‘oven clean’ box on your final bill!

Estate Agents

Are you trying to sell an empty house? It might not be a deal-breaker, but a sparkling oven makes a visible difference, there’s nothing worse than inheriting the previous owner’s oven muck (and house viewers may wonder how clean the rest of the house is too).  So make it a house rule that viewers who peer into an oven, only ever see sparkling chrome!

Landlords and letting Agents

It’s fairly common to discover that tenants have neglected to deep clean the oven when they move on. Stardust provides a comprehensive End of Tenancy service to many letting agents in the Home Counties, part of that service includes a deep oven clean (please see feedback), if you’d like to know more about our full End of Tenancy cleaning service, visit our sister site here.

Since ancient times, the oven has been the ‘heart of the home’. Stardust can make an ancient oven look like new – we guarantee to put our heart into making it gleam!

Call to book a Deep Oven Clean today… 01908 866 899

Oven bulbs, seals and filters

Part of our commercial service includes keeping you topped up with oven bulbs, seals and extractor filters, providing replacements as and when needed so that you don’t have to worry about them. We carry many items on our van we so can usually provide an instant replacement, although some items will need to be ordered.
You can also order items directly by contacting us

"Stardust Cleaning came to clean my oven after it had suffered years of neglect and it came up like new. It was really good value and saved me a lot of scrubbing. I would not hesitate to recommend this service to others and will be using them again in the future." Anna King - CS Properties

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